Here are some things included in the .NET platform:

  • The C# programming language and its compilers
  • Base libraries for working with strings, dates, files/IO, and more
  • Editors and tools for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Docker

  • ASP.NET Is A Web Application & Development Technology Commercialized By Microsoft That Programmers Can Use To Build Dynamic Websites, Web Applications & Web Services. ASP.Net Benefits Over Other Script - Based - Technologies (Including Classic ASP) By Compiling The Server Side Code To One Or More DLL Files On Web Server. ASP.NET Developers In Innovate Web Tec Carry Vast Experience In ASP.Net Application Development, Asp.Net Consulting And Developing Web Based Applications, Ecommerce/Shopping Cart Development, Desktop Application Development And Much More.

    We Assure You The Best Business Application For ASP.NET Platform. Basically .NET Framework Is A Development And Execution Environment That Give The Flexibility To Most Programming Languages & Libraries To Work As A Group Seamlessly For Creating Windows Platform, Web Or Mobile Applications That Are Easier To Build, Manage, Deploy With Stand Alone Applications Or As Networked Systems. Visual Studio Is The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) For Creating Programs In One Of Many Languages.

    ASP.NET Is A Most Acceptable Technology For Creating Strongest, Dynamic & Scalable Web Applications. ASP.NET Is A Part Of Visual Studio .NET Framework. While Building Web Forms Based Website Pages You Can Use ASP.NET Server Controls To Create Common User Interface (UI) Elements And Code Them For Accomplishing Common Tasks. These Features Rich Web Controls Allow You To Build Your Web Form Rapidly And Make It Usable As Custom Components.

    EGLAF TECH offers a wide scope of .Net based administrations and has demonstrated abilities to construct hearty and versatile web and undertaking based web applications utilizing .Net to its best. Through a typical arrangement of usefulness, .NET enables these segments to work dependably with one another. In view of this it has been the most looked for after system for organizations over the globe, regardless of the size and nature of their business.

    ASP.NET Programmers Have Diverse Range Of .NET Expertise:

    • ASP.NET Search Engine Friendly Content Management System (CMS)
    • Web Application Migration From ASP To ASP.NET
    • E-Commerce Web Application Development In ASP.NET
    • Bulletin Board ASP.NET Application Development
    • ASP.NET Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart Application Development
    • Ad Management ASP.NET Application Development
    • Forum ASP.NET Application Development
    • Custom Website Development In ASP.NET & MS-SQL
    • Directory Web Application Development In ASP.NET
    • Super Secure ASP.NET Web Application Development
    • Vote & Questionnaire ASP.NET Web Application Development
    • Mobile Web Application Development
    • Stand-Alone Application Development In .NET
    • Database Performance Tuning Consulting
    • File Management ASP.NET & MS-SQL Application Development
    • Email List Managers ASP.NET Web Application Development
    • Super Secure ASP.NET Web Application Development
    • Atlas ASP.NET Web Application Development
    • Windows Custom Application Development
    • Web Services Based Application Development
    • SOAP Based Scalable Application Development

    ASP.NET Programmers Have Diverse Range Of .NET Expertise:

    • .NET System & Application Development Technology Upgrade & Customization Of Software Packaged Application.
    • .Net Desktop & Web Application Development
    • .Net Framework & SOAP Toolkit
    • .Net Architecture & Design Evaluation
    • .Net Custom Control Development
    • .Net Software Product Development
    • .Net Web Services
    • Enterprise Content Management Systems & Portal Solutions
    • ASP.Net Consulting Application Migration Developing Web Service Using


    • ASP.Net Reduces The Amount Of Code For Building A Large Web Or Desktop Applications.
    • ASP .Net Makes Development Simple And Easier To Maintain With Event-Driven, Server Side Programming Module.
    • Asp .Net Development Is Easy To Maintain Because Source Code And HTML Are Together.
    • Asp.Net Development Code Is Executed On The Server.
    • The Source Code Compile First Time When Page Is Requested. Server Save The Compile Version Of The Page For The Next Time Page Request That Save Time And Quicker Application Load.
    • The HTML Develops By Asp .Net Page Is Sent Back To The Browser So, The Application Source Code Is Not Sent And Not Easily Stolen.
    • Built In Configuration Information Help To ASP.Net, Make Easy Deployment.
    • Asp.Net Application Run Faster And Handles Large Volume Of Users Without Compromising In Performance.

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