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Choosing the right website hosting service is an important decision as it lays the foundation for your website and its capabilities. Whether you’re looking for a simple and lightweight hosting solution or you prefer to get involved in the server and software side of things, we are experts at tailoring a solution for each one of our clients. We believe in creating flexible solutions for our customers after understanding what services they need.

Why Choose us?

We create a fully budgeted plan for you so you’re aware of the actual cost. Our dedicated servers offer high speed, better stability and tighter security. Our team is proficient in crafting solutions specific to each and every client’s web hosting needs. Websites hosting and server hosting aren’t a one-time investment, they need to be supported and updated. This is why we allocate a dedicated support for each of our clients in London, helping ensure that any unexpected problems or changes are quickly solved or made.


Our Approach

Our team believe that security, speed and stability are the three key pillars of web hosting services. When taking on a new client, we organize a meeting to directly talk about any requirements they might have. With their specifications in mind, our team is then able to create a bespoke solution, better matching their website’s needs at more affordable rates. Our goal is to have 100% guaranteed network uptime without any dips in loading speeds or security. However, if things slow down or malfunction, our support team and a dedicated manager are always ready to help in all over London, UK.

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We are Growing Fast

Founded in 2012, Webhosting UK has grown to become one of the largest web hosting providers in the UK, serving over 35,000 customers and hosting in excess of 1,000,000 websites across our network.


We are Growing Fast

Unlike many competitors that have been brought and sold over the years, we have remained privately owned which has allowed us to retain our small business mentality towards customer care. This means we are accountable only to our customers

We are Growing Fast

As a private company, we have a unique ability to invest aggressively in new and emerging technologies. Many of the hosting solutions we offer today are the direct result of our continued investment and ongoing research and development