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DineInFast is a leading provider of fast order taking system. With a growing business in hospitality industry, DineInFast wanted to reflect their success with an industry leading website and mobile application.This project was centred around a collaborative Discovery phase which engaged DineInFast’s key stakeholders in a series of workshops designed to build a strong, shared understanding of the company’s digital objectives and requirements.Eagletechsolutions’s team of experts worked closely with the DineInFast team to explore various design directions, define DineInFast’s brand messaging and create a clear project plan.

An application made to make your restaurant/hotel ownership trouble-free. DineInFast is solely developed to cover every basic aspect of your life related to food. If you’re a hotel owner or run a restaurant and facing particular issues that are making you and your customers not so happy, then DineInFast is the best solution for you.

How it Works

The project involves several dashboards and interfaces that are covered in different modules i.e. kitchen, POS, take away orders and E-menus. Hospitality industry focuses and strive towards providing the best customer service with great taste, quick food service and order accuracy. The system fulfils all these needs by providing an option to the customer to make their own menu, choose from the best available options, place an order and the chef wastes no time in making it and having it delivered right on time. Moreover, with every day’s changing menus hassle can be tackled with just a few clicks.

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