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Shares Trading


share dealing is the buying and selling of a company’s shares, usually with the intention of making a profit or earning income from dividends.

They needed a platform that will excite the new investors and buyers to get up-to-date information on shares and a platform that allows to sell or purchase shares securely. We knew our web development and web security teams would have something to really sink their teeth into.With many angles to consider, the INCEPT portal required hours of strategic planning, designing, development and most importantly, testing!

How it Works

INCEPT is the simplest buying and selling of shares platform that allows all types of businesses or investors (from an everyday investor to high-net-worth investors) to trade shares online from anywhere in the world. A secure and easy-to-use platform that helps investors upload their company’s share or purchase share(s) listed online. The process has been made smooth and easy to understand by everyone. Moreover, a platform to have a conversation with the buyers and sellers to bring them closer and negotiate over their interests.

INCEPT allows legit buyers and sellers to trade shares online. The experts will evaluate and approve your shares that will be ready to be out in the market for everyone to purchase once you’ve uploaded them.

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