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Designing a website for a non-profitorganization is one of the more difficult projects that a design agency can undertake. An effective non-profit website must raise awareness for a cause, create a sense of urgency around the problem, provoke an emotional response in the visitor, demonstrate the organization’s ability to address the issue, inspire the visitor to take immediate action, and accept donations through the website.

We were delighted to undertake this project where MKA MAAL required us to build an online e-receipt portal to send receipts to the recipients who have made donations to the organization. The system required deep and thorough R&D in order to come up with a system to store and manage the confidential user information and the money matters.

Our experts and big brains came up with a solution that can cater all their needs. Two different dashboards were created with different rights of access in order to handle the receipts and manage user data. To keep in mind, we are talking about thousands of them being sent in one go Successfully.

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