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Time is precious! Considering this, Mycosmetologist approached us to bring their Idea to Life. People love to have a schedule to follow yet they always face time wastage because of the dependency they have on others. The idea was to digitalize all the luxurious beauty services and bring them at your doorstep.

Our team of experts sat down with our client and helped them tailor the idea and transform into a website and a mobile application for the users who wants to save time and yet face no hinderance for self-love. A beautiful and simple one-page website has been developed covering all the main aspects and services provided by the company – challenging, yet achievable with all the hard work. We worked on the designs first; the website and the mobile application screens and move towards the development stage. The in-depth testing was done to ensure that all the functionalities are working fine. We keep it agile, thus, all stakeholders are involved, and their feedbacks are appreciated.

You can book an appointment, select the type of services required and even track the agent arriving at your destination to provide you the service, just like an Uber, you can see it on your map. You can book or check the available slots within no time.

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