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Our goal was to capture and achieve the early days of Uber, however, with a different way. Allowing the network to spread across the country more rapidly and at a faster pace. PYR’s high level goals were: Make it fast, easy and available for everyone, everywhere. A platform designed for innovation and deeper engagement.

To have a clearer scope of the project, we were in constant communication with the stakeholders involved, brainstorming, is the correct word we’re looking for here. We came across numerous ideas, joined the pieces and were able to settle down with one good solution. But this is where it all begins, bring it to life! Our team of UX and UI designers gave their best to come up with the best design which a user will find easy to use and everything in place. After facing lots of difficulties and hurdles during the execution and development, we provide the solution in the form of the Android & web application. The application consists of several dashboards, which allows/control access of the users accordingly. We developed: A mobile compatible car rental application for the customers and drivers, broker integration and E-invoice and E-archives system. Make it easy for managers, branches, franchisees, offices, staff, accountants and other members in your team to share information.

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