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We worked on a very powerful trading platform. Its global, multi-broker, multi-asset trade management platform, supports clients throughout the entire trade lifecycle, enabling them to manage risk and efficiently implement nearly any strategy type, from simple single commodity execution to complex multi-legged spreads.

The system allows you to register/create accounts for the new companies and make them up and running within no time. The companies are further creating several clients who are willing to trade with them. The system allows you to automatically download all the on-going trades and jot down them as a list to keep a track of the on-going transactions for the companies and their clients.

The system acts as a broker that manages all the buyers and sellers globally and help them provide a platform to perform successful and secure trading. The uniqueness and the most powerful tool of the system was the automatic invoicing at the month end or at any given time to hundreds and thousands of clients at the same time with 100% accuracy.

Our team was able to have this achieved within the given timeframe will fully tested, up and running system to help our client start-off with their new digital business. We moved them completely from a manual to digital platform within a few months. The owner is happy as with a few clicks he can get all the analytics and complete information of the on-going processes and business.

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